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What’s wrong with her that she feels so depressed about it?Karen’s story is repeated every day on college campuses and in high schools across the country. Wade decision legalized abortion, an estimated twenty-eight million women in the United States have had one or more abortions.Grieving would require admitting to herself that a child was killed in the abortion and that she shares responsibility for her child’s death. I must not feel this way or think about the abortion.’ Abortion is an extremely unnatural experience for a woman’s body and her maternal instinct.

They feel ashamed about the abortion and ashamed about their inability to ‘just deal with it’ as they think other women do. But if society denies the mother’s loss, her body does not.

God prepares a woman psychologically and physically for motherhood. Within a few days after conception, even before the tiny embryo has nested in her uterine wall, a hormone called ‘early pregnancy factor’ is found in her bloodstream, alerting the cells of her body to the pregnancy.

These were women who were challenged and stressed by the circumstances surrounding the pregnancy, and the people on whom they normally would rely for support in difficult circumstances were unable, unwilling or unavailable to help with the crisis pregnancy.

Boyfriends, even husbands, said they weren’t ‘ready for fatherhood.’ A woman who lacks the willing support and encouragement of the father to help raise the child is more likely to choose abortion.

Supporters of abortion claim it is a simple procedure with no lasting impact.

And women who know better don’t discuss, certainly not publicly, how abortion changed their lives for the worse.

This causes symptoms of reexperience, avoidance and impacted grieving.

Reexperience: The abortion trauma can be reexperienced in a number of ways.

If she has the abortion, the very cells of her body remember the pregnancy and know that the process of change that had been going on was stopped in an unnatural manner.

Her body and her emotions tell her that she is a mother who has lost a child.

It is true that women and men with prior psychological problems or with strong religious beliefs are more vulnerable to post-abortion problems, but there are repercussions for all women involved in an abortion. D, 85% of the women reported that they were surprised at the intensity of their emotional reaction to the abortion.

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