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You need to be quick, but you finally get to execute the guy who’s been causing you so much grief.

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Just stay calm and don’t bump or shoot any civilians and it’ll be fine.

Easy As Can Be This is a tough drive with lots of shooters. 1 This is the game’s only story mode race – the only thing you need to worry about is the second last checkpoint where crashing through a barrier could put you in the riverbed.

Clean Getaway Here you just need to catch the subway, then punch out the two guys there. Then it’s off to the car wash and then to the garage to finish the mission.

Ivan The Not So Terrible Ivan’s a pretty ropey driver, so the tough bit of this mission’s chasing him across the rooftops.

Just go and set up a profile at – the second part of this mission comes later.

Search and Delete First, get a cop car and use the computer.When you find your target, you can’t stop him until a certain point, although you can shoot out his tyres.You need to watch out for trucks swerving around in the road in front of you, but the trickiest part of this mission is losing the police attention you’ll get from running through toll booths.Just take it to the destination, and watch it blow from a distance. STORY MISSION Killing Faustin Before taking on this mission, answer Dimitri’s text to find a bulletproof vest behind the bins. Shogtun everyone, through the alley, up the staris.Wait for him to get to the roof, then you can do him as he pops out. BRUCIE’S MISSIONS Logging On This is your introduction to the internet café.Chase him in car, across rooftops, stamp on his hands or let him go. Uncle Vlad Head to Comrades but park your car out back and equip a shotgun.

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