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The investigation was carried out by an all-male panel, comprising ministers and elders, following strict Free Church rules.

Just as in the criminal system, witnesses were cited, statements taken and cross examination allowed before 'judges' delivered a verdict.

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And indeed, the widow's complaints last night appeared to be spectacularly vindicated when the Free Church of Scotland announced — after conducting the inquiry she had requested — that her husband's moral conduct had indeed been 'contrary to the Word of God'.

Evidence considered included emails taken from Dr Campbell's computer at the request of Anne.

The Rev James Mac Iver, of Stornoway Free Church on Lewis, who was a close colleague of Dr Campbell, said yesterday: 'The Presbytery has sadly concluded that elements of Dr Campbell's moral conduct were seriously inconsistent with that expected of a Christian minister.'Following the investigation, each local Kirk Session has carried out appropriate disciplinary action.' There are claims, too, that his affairs spanned more than two decades — not only on Lewis, but on the Isle of Skye, too, where he was pastor for seven years in the 1990s, and also in Manchester, and London, where there is a Free Church congregation It's fair to say that the scandal has sparked a crisis of Biblical proportions.

Yet far from supporting Mrs Campbell, who worked as a special needs teacher on the island, many people in the community initially turned on her for bringing such a a torrid, ungodly sex scandal onto its holy shores.

There was also talk of Dr Campbell being addicted to online pornography.

A source close to the church leadership told the Mail: 'I could not believe it at first.

A source close to Anne told the Mail that shortly before the suicide, a cuckolded husband and his wife confronted the minister at his church-provided home and complained of adultery.

Anne, it is said, then accused her husband after seeing private messages and emails.

She is said to have handed over the names of his alleged mistresses and demanded that they be punished.

Sources close to Mrs Campbell claimed that her actions were sparked by a husband and wife coming to her family home to complain of adultery, shortly before Dr Campbell killed himself.

Four cases of alleged adultery are believed to have been adjudicated on, with one woman cleared.

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