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Call Councilmember Mendelson ( 202.724.8064 ) & Chairman Brown ( 202.724.8032 ) on Monday, April 30th at 11am and tell them: "Please appropriate an additional .1 million to the Office of Victim Services to provide lifesaving services for victims of domestic violence.

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doc_id=2951&find_type=web_desc_NRCDV April 19, 2012 | Categories: CALL TO ACTION, Feedback, SURVIVOR STORIES | Tags: domestic violence, Magazine, NRCDV, Redbook, request, seeking survivors to interview, stories about survivors, survivors, victory | Leave a comment The Right Thing to Do: Extending the Vision & Reaching Every Victim On National Crime Victims’ Rights Week By Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott Texas Insider� Report: AUSTIN, Texas – Helping victims and their families recover from violent crime is the right thing to do.

As the State’s chief law enforcement official, I am committed to working with state and local law enforcement to protect Texas communities and prevent crime.

The Mayor's FY13 Budget Proposal does not include enough money for the Office of Victim Services (OVS) to be able to fund vital victim services including emergency shelter, legal services, counseling, and crisis intervention services.

Please take action to help us get the DC Council to give OVS the money they need to be able to help all victims!

During this initial encounter, local advocates provide hope and guidance to victims in the aftermath of a violent crime.

As victims progress out of the acute phase of a violent crime, victim advocates continue to assist them with resources and their legal rights.

Battered Men - The Hidden Side of Domestic Violence Batterer Treatment Programs The Faulty Duluth Model The "Duluth Model"Power and Control Wheel A version for female perpetrators.

Domestic violence is a people problem, not a gender issue.

Click here to return to the article on the gender-polarization of the Duluth model. Where there's mutual violence, joint counseling offers the best solution.

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