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We suggest find someone locally willing to download it for you and copy onto a USB drive (it is 8.8GB so might just fit on a 9GB DVD). You can still place your pre-order at: we are not set up to ship out disks for CE. We will continue polishing and adding features and graphical improvements in time for the retail release in February.

This features allows you to bring up multiple windows to preview multiple assets at one time while also running the full simulation in another.

The key list of features to deliver our goal for T: ANE of “TS12 functionality plus all the Kickstarter features” means that there are still some items to be added: The main thing that has changed is that the Railyard function has been replaced by the ability to “Preview Assets” from Content Manager.

Since then, Quinto has been dating certified hottie Miles Mc Millan, while Groff has been very busy indeed with starring in HBO's "Looking" and a little musical you may have heard of called "Hamilton." Ryan Gosling and Rachel Mc Adams "The Notebook" is a cheesy cheese factory of a film; but at the very least, it gave us the pairing of Gosling and Mc Adams, whose real life love story was reportedly even more romantic than the one in the film.

Witherspoon is now married to Jim Toth — who isn't even famous!

We have provided an alternative server for Australia and New Zealand users which should provide higher speeds (although the number of users at one time is limited).

Our testing has shown users should get good download speeds, although the number of users and the Internet routing to your computer can affect this speed.

Williams has been dating novelist Jonathan Safran Foer for the last few years, which is very cute and very Brooklyn of her.

I mean, Gosling called Mc Adams one of the greatest loves of his life!

Many are already fixed in our internal build and most of the remainder will be fixed by release on February 27.

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