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“Everything changed the minute the police knocked on our door.

After that moment, it was never the same again.“I went from being a financially stable full-time mum with a committed partner, to a single mum living on state handouts with an inmate for a husband in literally three seconds — two sharp knocks on the door.

Without the physical intimacy, couples must rely solely on verbal and written communication to maintain a romantic relationship.“We’re really struggling to keep the spark in our relationship,” says Nina*, a 33-year-old mother of two from London.

iant tacky teddy bears are in every shop window, heart-shaped boxes are being sold in phenomenal numbers, rose petals are being scattered on beds, and candle-lit bubble baths are being run.

If you walk up and down your street, you might even hear the sultry crooning of Marvin Gaye as “Let’s Get It On” is blasted from a bedroom window.

The newly released ex-cons will also face the challenges of reentering into society, including strict parole regulations, difficulties landing a job, and, of course, judgment from family and friends.

The love “jailbirds” include: Johnna and Garrett, from Tampa, Florida.

Sometimes I think it’d be best to get rid of visits on days like Valentine’s Day altogether.”That said, Lauren notes that there are often attempts to try to make the day special; in some prisons she’s worked in, officers have decorated the visiting hall for the holiday.

But, she notes, “making a thing of it like that can highlight the loss for anyone who doesn’t have their loved one with them, so we try to keep it modest.”Those lucky enough to get visits on Valentine’s Day won’t get any special treatment, however.And as Valentine’s Day rolls around, it can be particularly difficult to handle the emotional stress of a partner behind bars.“As with any holiday, visits get requested and snapped up super fast,” says Lauren, a prison officer from the UK.“That leads inmates who haven’t been lucky enough to get some time with their loved one to become even more agitated.Gas stations are about to become a hotspot for those who have fucked up and forgotten a gift . But while you’re booking tables for romantic dinners and spending hours in the changing rooms of lingerie stores, there are millions for whom February 14 isn’t just uncelebrated, but impossible to celebrate.As of February 3, 2017, there are about 85,000 people incarcerated in the UK. S., the country with the highest prison population in the world, more than 2.1 million people are behind bars.There’s no room for romance anymore.“We let Valentine’s Day pass us by — it doesn’t seem as important as the other special occasions that the kids are involved in.

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