Dating in baku azerbaijan

Moreover, to openly declare about it on the Internet.

It is believed that only sexually obsessed men and easily suggestible women are engaged in it.

As for Tinder, it presents exactly those who aim to date.

By the way, what do you think the men, who put photos with kids (obviously their own) as a ‘pickup’, are guided by?

Do they demonstrate that they are loving fathers or warn that half of their salary will go to alimony?

They are polite, quite intelligent, rational and handsome.

In fact, availability of such people has conditioned termination of this experiment. Afterwards I just shamefully escaped, having deleted my account and erased my fingerprints.

Those who are photographed embracing cars seem to be great strategists compared to such a background.

In fairness, it must be said that you can come across some decent characters, too.

The rest of my respondents compared their Tinder-experience with a visit to a tax agency: Anar, 30: “To be honest, there is a rather unsavory public there.

That’s probably because the culture of gender relationship is poorly developed in Azerbaijan.

Consequently, even those who don’t tend to think in terms of clichés, in principle, still don’t believe that one can meet anyone ‘normal’ on Tinder.

I had to conduct an investigatory experiment so as to gain an insight into whether Tinder is really as terrible as it is portrayed.

Nevertheless, he still perceived Tinder as a prospective and reliable way of finding a match: The good thing about it is that only those who like each other can exchange messages.

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