Dating after being cheated on

Her example of courage and bravery made it easier for us. I moved into Laura's home to help out and support her and her husband, Paul and two children, Megan and Jack.She started chemotherapy the week before Christmas 2007 and it was a very difficult, surreal Christmas.

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Actually, less than a quarter of men in relationships stray.

Regardless, your goal may be to remind your friend infidelity has hurt countless other women.

Although I still felt quite traumatised playing my character's death scene.

I was offered a theatre role in Darlington and I jumped at the chance, because it meant I could stay with my parents, who still live in Middlesborough, where I was born.

Perhaps you feel your friend should never again trust the person who was unfaithful to her.

"But this type of all-encompassing comment leaves no room for the possibility of the situation getting better," says Dr. "You're squashing all hope, when, in fact, some relationships do heal and improve with work." Instead, focus on her present state of mind and acknowledge the intense pain she's experiencing by saying something like, "I can't even imagine how you must feel."The reasons people cheat vary, ranging from immaturity to compulsive sexual behavior.It's the ultimate betrayal: Your friend's significant other has been unfaithful. "You'll likely feel angry or hurt for your friend, but it's not the time to share your own feelings," says Karen Sherman, Ph D, a psychologist in private practice in Long Island, NY."Your job is to listen and validate her pain." Read on to find out which seemingly supportive comments can actually hurt your pal even more.Every morning, I'd make a packed lunch to take into the theatre with me. Privately, I was in tears, but, as a family, we don't wallow in bad news. Laura's youngest child, Jack, was only a baby then, and I vividly remember him spitting out the soup I was trying to spoon into him on one of my visits home.Laura had a lumpectomy and radiotherapy, and we hoped that was the end of it.Besides, "you don't know whether the sex or the emotional betrayal is more distressing to your friend," says Dr. What's more, comments about the physical aspect of affairs conjure up images your heartbroken friend would rather not picture.

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