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American culture, because it is everybody's, is in some senses nobody's. At temple school, the kids teased him for being Nordic; at grammar school, they teased him for being Jewish.

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Children were made to stay at boarding schools much of the year, in the sincere belief that civilization and prosperity comes with education.

At boarding schools they learned many things that contradicted what they learned at home: They were taught white standards of cleanliness and beauty, some of which contradicted Lakota standards of modesty.

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But growing up and finding one's place in the world isn't easy for many other Americans, either. Unfortunately, most children today look to the mass media, especially T. Erik Erikson was born in Frankfurt, Germany, on June 15, 1902.

African-Americans struggle to piece together an identity out of forgotten African roots, the culture of powerlessness and poverty, and the culture of the surrounding white majority. There is a little mystery about his heritage: His biological father was an unnamed Danish man who abandoned Erik's mother before he was born.Asian-Americans are similarly stretched between Asian and American traditions. His mother, Karla Abrahamsen, was a young Jewish woman who raised him alone for the first three years of his life. Theodor Homberger, who was Erik's pediatrician, and moved to Karlsruhe in southern Germany.Rural Americans find that the cultures of childhood won't cut it in the larger society. We cannot pass over this little piece of biography without some comment: The development of identity seems to have been one of his greatest concerns in Erikson's own life as well as in his theory.And his dream would tell him whether he was destined to be a good hunter, or a great warrior, or expert at the art of horse-stealing, or perhaps to become specialized in the making of weapons, or a spiritual leader, priest, or medicine man.In some cases, the dream would lead him into the realm of controlled deviations among the Oglala.When not taking art classes, he wandered around Europe, visiting museums and sleeping under bridges.

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