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Introducing Mollie Goodweather, Cheer Captain and slightly intellectually challenged young girl.

Mollie is a BASIC companion, but IS voiced by the extremely talented Emily S.

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I am using certain references from this DLC and I cannot remove it without FO4Edit going crazy.

I've edited existing companions' quests in order to add Mollie's responses to you swapping her for Codsworth, Dogmeat, Cait, Piper, Deacon, Danse, Curie and Nick.

Ms Trump attended her husband’s State of Union address last week but broke precedent by arriving at the event separately from the president.

She chose to ride with the guests she invited to share her First Lady's box during Mr Trump's address.

The officer met the woman, later identified as 23-year-old Micah Madison Parker, at the Sonesta Suites at 4361 W. Once at the room, Parker allegedly offered to provide the undercover officer $200 in exchange for sex.

Vice detectives then entered the room and attempted to take Parker into custody.

Along with the charge of aiding and abetting prostitution, Moore also faces complains for "pandering, possession of a controlled dangerous substance, and possession of marijuana." Moore played very little for the Sooners in 2013 as a freshman before leaving the program.

Parker, the daughter of Oklahoma's cheerleading coach, was a cheerleader at OU during that season.

The squad then danced while the Florida Atlantic University's marching band performed "Hail to the Chief," "Boogie Wonderland" and "Shut Up and Dance”.

"Thank you so much, that was so great, great job, great talent, enjoy the game," Mr Trump said after the performance, also shaking hands with the band director.

Ms Trump made a last minute decision not to join her husband at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland last month.

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