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Almost nine-tenths of this area is composed of the six Saharan provinces in the south of the country; however, 90 percent of the population, and most of the cities, are located along the fertile coastal area known as the Tell, or hill.

The climate is desert like, although the coast does receive rain in the winter.

At independence, Arabic was declared the official language.

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Despite efforts by the government to contain the desert by planting rows of pine trees, it continues to expand northward. The largest of these are the Kabyles, who live in the Kabylia Mountains east of Algiers.

The vast expanse contains not only sand dunes and typical desert life such as snakes, lizards, and foxes, but also oases, which grow date and citrus trees. Ethnically it is fairly homogeneous, about 80 percent Arab and 20 percent Berber. The Chaouias live in the Aurès Mountains, the M'zabites in the northern Sahara, and the Tuaregs in the desert. The original language of Algeria was Berber, which has varied dialects throughout the country.

If they have increased, it is believed that the reasons are that many educated earning women are walking out of marriages where they are abused.

However, even today it is rare to find couples splitting up if they do not ‘get along’.

Generally we Indians have a fairly practical view of marriage.

No one really expects to get along at all times, and overall I have seen in the marriages around me that both men and women tend to compromise.

Also, it is a fact that gender roles are more clearly defined here.

This results in less conflict on a day to day basis.

This is mostly rocky and dry, dotted with vegetation on which cattle, sheep, and goats graze.

Beyond the plateau are the Saharan Atlas Mountains, which form the boundary of the Algerian Sahara desert.

Its too complex and difficult to enumerate why India has such low rates of divorce. For one thing, we are a traditional society and therefore divorce is frowned upon.

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