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You both need to understand and accept each other without pressure or resentment, and I hope your husband can openly and sensitively hear you out.

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Sexy text chating no sign up

There seems to have been no plan for your therapy beyond seeing you several times a week for 20 years, which surely helped make his retirement possible.

You may be under such tremendous stress, or have such significant underlying issues, that to function, you needed such frequent support.

The only way you’ll see him or find him is if you shut the rest of the noise down.

That guy…one closer to your values, well, he takes his time, too. He might think you expect a shirtless pic right at the beginning!

Tell your husband you want to accommodate his sexual desires, but sex is a mutual enterprise and for you, his enjoyment of sexting feels burdensome, not stimulating.

There’s also the issue of your not wanting to get caught doing things during work that could compromise your employment—which also goes for your husband.

But isn’t the goal of therapy to help you cope better with life and end the treatment?

I’m also concerned about your feeling that this doctor, who is now wrapping up his career, is “dumping” you.

He said he didn’t like being accused of pressuring me, and we argued.

Is this something I should do as part of my “wifely duties” even though I don’t want to? A: For some people one of the pleasures of sex is not having to form coherent sentences.

Also, since most of us are bombarded all day with electronic communications, getting demands to write sexy texts, or send risqué photos while at work or at the grocery store, is not an erotic enterprise.

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