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My arms would twist around into a pretzel, and I’d stare into the cavity of my own artificial neck.It was pretty groody, though frequent calibration fixed it.Once I’d experienced my first fish explosion and got over how thirsty all of the Final Fantasy XV characters were being, Monster of the Deep just felt like a chore.

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” I played it on Play Station VR, and while it’s neat seeing the Final Fantasy XV world of Eos in virtual reality, it failed to reel me in.

Throughout Monster of the Deep, Meldacio Hunter HQ sends you on missions to take care of a pesky aquatic daemon problem that’s been cropping up all over the land.

The fishing and combat both feel tedious and repetitive.

You get one weapon upgrade about halfway through, but it operates the same way as your previous one.

And you can’t skip through cut scenes either, so you’ll have to watch those again, too.

While none of the UI issues are game-breaking, they’re annoying.

You’re just pointing and shooting with no real strategy aside from memorizing one or two patterns of movement.

I could see someone maybe enjoying the fishing aspect of it, but in this case, still waters don’t run deep.

Little replayability Monster of the Deep does offer free modes so that players can hunt and fish as much as they please. I upgraded my fishing rod and tried a few different lures, and these didn’t alter the gameplay in an appreciable way.

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