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All pieces marked about sides "CB&S" in a shield, crown, lion passant, and date letter "H".

Look for popular stamped names such as Tiffany, Birks or Gorham for North American silver tea sets.

Some English hallmarks for names that command high prices are "PS" for Paul Storr, "AGB" for Gerald Benney, "E&Co" for Elkington and Co., and "JSH" below a crown hallmark for John Samuel Hunt.

If you'd like to listen to the songs here is the Spotify link to the playlist HERE! Creatures Kissing in the Rain is a line from the Cure song "Hanging Garden".

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The slightly elongated shape shows the beginning of the Art Deco influence on Chinese Export silver The set weighs 1160 grams; 41 ounces.

A fifteen song mixtape overflowing with Post-Punk and other surprise love songs for the Lupertine season!A tea set is, at minimum, made up of a teapot, a cream jug and a sugar bowl, although some sets have up to nine pieces.Antique sterling-silver tea sets are considered the most valuable; however, certain mass-produced older sets are less desirable and fetch lower prices.Hallmarks number in the thousands, so it's important to get an accurate comparison.For example, English sterling silver may have a lion hallmark, but it may also have a letter for the date, a symbol to represent the town of origin, and some additional lettering to show the maker's name.Named sterling-silver tea sets are generally more desirable, increasing the value of the set. Search for dents, holes, splits in teapot spouts or signs of obvious repairs.

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