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This is where you can find some of the cheapest sex in Cebu City, but it is kind of a sketchy area.

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It reopened and is now called Oqtagon but changed locations to Mandaue near SM Cebu City not too far away.

This pick up bar is frequented by the Korean students living here learning English, plus prostitutes.

There aren’t too many bars to choose from here either, some of the most popular bikini bars in Cebu City would be Erik The Red, Planet X and Viking.

There are also some more local style girly bars down on Colon where there are rumors of girls giving handjobs or blowjobs in the VIP area if you buy a ladies drink.

There were always a few doing this, now there are probably more.

You can also find street girls on Colon, particularly around the Colon and Palaez area.

Luckily there are still tons of ‘semi pro’ Pinay women using the dating sites so meeting hookers online won’t be hard at all.

The Mango girly bars just down the street are still open so all hope isn’t lost.

There are still plenty of day game opportunities as well.

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