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So this stuff – health economics and sociology – is compulsory material in med school.It’s appalling then, to see doctors complain that “the poor” spend “all their money on junk” and that they should all be spending on exorbitant medical fees instead.

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For members of the Liberal and Labor Party who are already scamming money from public coffers? People who have never had to struggle a day in their lives, who grew up with a silver spoon in their mouth, who were spoon-fed all through private school, who were the entitled descendents of generations of “doctor families”, of course “born to rule” and who met their first poor (or lower middle class) person as a medical student and were horrified by their “lack of breeding”, their coarse words and unfashionable clothing, their disgusting teeth and awful health, their lack of refinement and their inability to understand medical terms. I wish them adequate competition and adequate public jobs. I wish them being forced to live through the “horror” of health equity.

And most of all I wish them no more fucking negative gearing and mortgages and $50k weddings and $20k wedding rings and private school fees, because let’s face it, I haven’t really had time to update this thing, even though I’ve wanted to.

How ironic then, that they support Orwellian measures like the “anti-terror” laws, use of war to distract the population, and of course, use of the media and language to rewrite reality. Eventually when you come from a country with markèd instability and a rising dictator, refugees are going to start leaving. But what we choose to see is this grimy, strange, distorted landscape.

And when refugees start leaving, Australia gets up in arms about “those people” coming here. What “adulthood” supposedly means (ie maturity) keeps getting stretched out further and further. Like an alternative reality that resides that infinitesimal distance away from usual reality, but so far that they do not touch. Something happened that really, really gave me the shits. I caught up with a friend(ly acquaintance) of mine (a healthcare student) whose sister happened to call asking for advice as she was possibly unwell.

You’d be surprised by this but there are doctors who honestly don’t find any problem with the government forcing poor people and pensioners to pay $6 out of pocket for GP visits.

Or forcing everyone to pay 0 out of pocket for specialist appointments. 0 is also 1.5 weeks worth of dole or pension money. The evidence is clear about these things: not only does this sort of nonsense make society sicker, it is also incredibly cost-ineffective.

Various bizarre social policies are being enacted to promote the nationalistic interests of Sinhala Buddhists who make up roughly 70% of the population of 21 million. It did shock me when one of my juniors today exclaimed that world politics (of which she can only remember 2001 onwards in detail) was completely screwed and that there was no hope and no point in caring and that in fact no-one else cared. And someone else pointed out that one of the problems with Australian politics right now is that the electorate has lost its empathy with other people- thus the lack of moral leadership. Maybe we need to stop talking about THE YOOF and instead focus on particular demographics. Multiculturalism, GLBTIQ rights, gender equality to name a few. In the end she was okay and got seen by someone who knew what they were talking about and went home safe and sound. Who was missing out on an urgent MRI or CT as a result? A patient with bowel contents leaking into their abdomen? The scarcer the resources and the more underpaid the people on the receiving end of bribery, the more susceptible society is to corruption.

This man, who has links to Iran‘s Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, had links to Libya‘s Muammar Gaddafi and has been condemned broadly by the UN and Commonwealth heads of state… Perhaps Bernard Salt‘s idea of 5 major regional patterns in culture/politics is an important one- suburban/inner city/coastal/inlands/outback. While things such as the breakdown of the extended family unit (leading to the nuclear family and thus higher divorce rates and familial instability) have not had such a glowing influence. Fast forward to a few days ago when aforementioned individual’s significant other has a broken nose. Additionally, the less it is policed by independent bodies with the power to investigate and prosecute, the more likely people are to get away with things.

I haven’t had enough headspace due to too many work hours.

And once you haven’t updated something in awhile it gets harder and harder.

I’ve had community members – all employed – tell me that they think the AMA is guilty of anticompetitive collusion with those sorts of AMA suggested rates for private doctors’ fees.

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