Marriage and friendship dating in qatar

We also as Qataris know that the best Qatari people are those who are open minded and living with others in peace and following their religion. We have what is called the border line which we must not cross.

So Deepb and I stop hijacking the Single in Qatar thread : P I'm going to ask this important question here. To clarify by dating I don't mean premarital sex or adultery, I mean going out to dinner and/or a movie with a man/woman who is not your husband/wife or relative. 'idle chat or flirtation' - but what is that Olive???

There's been debate about this issue in the past on QL but I don't think anyone's ever given the exact answer. LOL Xena, yes I suppose I should have asked it 4 years ago. An Orthodox Jewish couple, preparing for a religious wedding meets with their rabbi for counseling. Very culturally subjective If I look a Qatari guy straight in the eye, smile, say Salam Alekum - some would see that as way too forward.

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For one miniskirts are again illegal if they go above the knees ( another one of those rules which are enforced randomly).

Oryx - miniskirt and sitting on someone's lap would definitely get you into trouble here.

are not allowed to chat with foreign women for nothing, but if it is for clean business or education or work then it is ok.

Sitting on someone's lap is public display of affection ( not allowed for married couples even ).

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