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Since Fujigen is one of the major Japanese guitar manufacturers, people assume that any guitar they've made was "made at the Ibanez factory" or was "made for Ibanez under a different brand". To add to the confusion, there were other large guitar manufacturers in Japan at the time (Matsumoku was one and Kasuga was another) and people have made the leap to say that literally ANY guitar stamped "MADE IN JAPAN" must have been produced at the Ibanez factory or for Ibanez.

Some brands known to have come out of the Matsumoku factory: Here's a quick way to tell if you have a Matsumoku factory guitar (whether branded or not).

The retro-future stylings of the Flying V, Explorer, and Firebird.

Another big point of contention is the subject of no-name (unbranded) guitars.

As I said above, Fujigen and the other manufacturers produced guitars with no logos at all for sale around the world.

Loosely defined (and coming into more popular use on sites such as e Bay and Craigslist) a "lawsuit" guitar is ANY old guitar made outside of the USA that is a copy of a popular US-made guitar.

In this sense, any MIJ (or made in Korea, China, wherever) guitar that looks like a Fender strat or tele; or a Gibson Les Paul, SG, ES-335; or a Martin acoustic; or a Guild or Rickenbakker; can be labeled as a "lawsuit" model.

On its neck plate (or stamped into the guitar, or on the truss rod cover) it will say, "STEEL REINFORCED NECK".

That's a dead giveaway that you've got one of "Uncle Matt's" guitars.

They are based in Japan, but also have a US subsidiary, Hoshino USA, headquartered in Bensalem, Pennsylvania.

Hoshino owns no manufacturing facilities beyond a small custom shop in California.

What does exist is a Trading Company named Hoshino Gakki Group.

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