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At a party at the home of fashion designer Halston, Beverly Johnson found herself melting into the “violet-hued eyes” of Elizabeth Taylor, who sat across from her.

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She recalls “one well-known world leader’s dinner party [that] came with a stunning Van Cleef & Arpels 5-carat ruby ring sitting right alongside the salad plate.” Living in Hollywood, Johnson ran in circles that found her “constantly being wined and dined by Dustin Hoffman, Warren Beatty, Jack Nicholson and Robert Evans.

Dustin Hoffman was my favorite,” she writes, “because he was just so cute and always told the corniest jokes.” While she avoided their beds, both Beatty and Nicholson made overtures, with Beatty hoping to ignite a threesome with him, Johnson, and fellow supermodel Lisa Taylor.

“She turned up to a photo shoot dripping in diamonds and wearing a luxurious chinchilla fur,” writes Johnson.

“Jerry told us she had been invited to some faraway Arab island for the weekend and was given the luxury goods at no charge — and nothing was given in exchange. ’ she said proudly.” Johnson herself was no stranger to such gifts.

And amidst the industry’s predators, there was, she writes, sadly but unsurprisingly, Cosby.

Johnson was called to the studios of “The Cosby Show” to audition for a recurring role as Claire Huxtable’s younger sister.

Stranded without money in a foreign country, Johnson embarked on an adventure that only saw her get home with the assistance of strangers, including one who secured her a ride to Rome in a train car filled with goats that smelled like manure.

When she returned to New York enraged and confronted Ford about abandoning her, Ford said simply, “That will teach you to not spend all your money when you go out of town,” and returned to her phone call.

Tyson “gushed” about how much of a fan he was of hers, telling her “how beautiful I was,” and asking her on a date.

The two spoke on the phone constantly, and just before his big fight — which, if he won, would have made him the youngest heavyweight champion in boxing history — Johnson blurted out, surprising even herself, “If you win, I’ll give you some.” Tyson won, and showed up at Johnson’s door 19 hours later, an impressive feat considering that the fight was in Las Vegas and Johnson lived in New York. “Our first time together was nice, if not the most passionate of nights I’d experienced with a man,” she writes.

She first met the Jackson family in the early ’70s — she went on several dates with Jackie Jackson — and befriended young Michael, who came to rely on her for skin-care tips. Johnson eventually appeared on Oprah’s national show 12 times.

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