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She started to learn a foreign language after leaving school. They continued talking without paying attention to my question. He sent e-mail list before turning off his computer. My parents have always dreamed pf travelling to Australia. Ha hates to talking to someone about their problems.

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David asked, " Do you discuss your problems with your parents, Jack? Vicky asked, " Mary, when did you visits the hairdresser ? Tony asked, " Henry, your friend take part in the concert ? Sandy asked, " Helen, what magazine have you bought? I want to see to look forward to this new comedy programme very much.

My parents agreed to not to mind buy me a new mobile phone for my birthday.

- Have to I ask you for a pen to fill in the questionnaire ? Use the correct form of the gerund of the verbs in brackets.

Now you could fill in this questionnaire and wait for the invitation to our club. At first, as I told you, I was inclined to suspect her (concern) OF HAVING BEEN CONCERNED in the crime. A dish of coffee and milk was respectfully submitted to the cat, who drankit contemptuously and then retired to her box of shavings with an air (sustain) HAVING SUSTAINED an insult. The whole time I was conscious (surround) OF HAVING BEEN SURROUNDED by a network of intrigue.

My parents don’t mind buying me a new mobile phone for my birthday.

Greg hates speaking about his plans for the future. - we were disappointed at Richard and Mary's refusing to help us.1. We were disappointed that Richard and Mary refused to help us. There is no hope of you receiving a letter from him soon. Substitute subordinate clauses by the gerundial (or half-gerundial) complex using prepositions if necessary. - we were informed in the ship having arrived at the port. The old man asked a policeman where the nearest bus stop was. The old man told a policeman where the nearest bus stop was.

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