How much is great expectations dating service

I don't know how these people sleep at night; probably on very nice bedroom furniture and mattresses purchased from commissions obtained from scamming people. It cost a little over 00 for a year and a half membership.

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Management was very efficient in the placement of the students. Was not the best of work environments but could be fun at times.

Little job security because of lack of control in conversions and ratios. I had to randomly call people hoping to get them to pay for an online dating service.

In order to date online, you had to pay an additional twenty or thirty dollars a month, in addition to the outrageous membership fee I mentioned earlier.

I did not receive one date-I got to talk to a girl on the phone for a lousy five minutes. I wish I had known about the class action lawsuit, so I could have gotten my money back! This dating service should be taken off the market.

The actual company itself I was laid off from, but the management was unprofessional and the company itself was starting to get a bad reputation.

This company simply takes your money after a high pressure sales pitch and provides no other services.They claimed that they had a very comparable or even better website to and other on-line dating services.Shame on me for not investigating further because the Atlanta version of their website is early 1990-ish; you can only search on age and weight and the website is so unfriendly and cumbersome to navigate.They provide services to children from birth to five years.The co-workers are very personable and have years of experience in each of their fields.Plus I believe they have laid off the call center and no longer do phone marketing as of stresses a person out, there is always incidents happening, no strict guidelines to follow. co workers and my little nuggets were the only reason i stayed as long as i did. The amount they charged was based on a percentage of how much money a person made.

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