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This Valentine’s Day maybe a bust, but they way Mr.Spencer puts it, if you purchase the book now you can get a head start on Valentine’s Day 2016. Why take on a subject already so heavily populated?One guy is holistic in his eating habits and views dating from a organic perspective, so women get all those perspectives. We’ve done panels and my co-authors might say something and then when I got the mic I’ve said ‘he’s buggin.

So if you look at the genre of relationship advice, there’s a whole lot of it, just like there’s a whole lot of restaurants, but if you want what’s really good for you, the truly organic stuff, you’re not going to find that too many places.

VIBE: So what are some of the cliche relationship tips you’ve heard that isn’t in the book?

KS: We spoke from a male perspective, but in a very practical, useful way, so for women if you’re reading this, it’s almost like this is a “when he says this, this is what he means” thing.

We’re telling women off the record what we like, what we go through, what we’re thinking.

Written from a male perspective for women by New York based authors, Jean Alerte, Jickael Bazin, Frank Gateau, Rae Holiday, Kel Spencer, Zanga Thomson, DJ Fadelf and life coach Pervis Taylor III, the book schools both genders with no chaser on how to achieve what they all agree both men and women want: love and companionship.

VIBE chopped it up with Kel Spencer about foolish relationship rules his book steers clear from, why some men cheat, the true definition of love and why women might want to actually grab a copy of this book.

VIBE: One of the authors said men and women want the same things but communicate them in different ways.

How can this book help men and women achieve what they want?

Many people think love is an emotion, it’s a feeling. KS: So love is a choice and it’s a commitment to that choice, so even when they’re times I don’t feel like I love you, I still love you and in the chapter I set the tone by explaining love.

There are feelings and emotions attached to love, but love in itself is a choice. When you claim you want love from a “good guy” and he has a proper understanding of what love is, you have to ask yourself are you really ready for that?

It’s Valentine’s Day and you’re single…again, and this year you’re tired of it.

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