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I remember in middle school, one of my friends of color asked me at lunch one day, if I liked anyone in our school.She immediately proceeded to list every single black person in our grade, seemingly indicating that those were my only options.I guess if I reached for the stars, I could have interpreted her assumption as a *thoughtful* consideration for the complexities that acknowledging anti-blackness could bring into interracial relationships and so maybe she just assumed that I felt as a black person it would be easier to be attracted to another black person.

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It seems that what many non-black people aren’t wanting to admit to themselves are that these cheap claims of having a “preference” is just a mask for the fact that, inherently, you think blackness is unattractive.

Whether it’s because of our negro noses or afros, I am beginning to realize that so many of my friends’ dating preferences are linked to explicit racism and are rooted in anti-blackness.

Even if it is argued that there are tremendous challenges in navigating interracial relationships by acknowledging your inherent anti-blackness, shouldn’t you be doing that anyway, regardless of your race or whether or not you are dating someone black (given the fact that all racism is rooted in anti-blackness)?

When white people say to “stick to your own race” or claim that “it’s just different cultures” because it’s “less complicated that way” it makes me raise an eyebrow. And why should people of color ever be made to feel ugly because white people inherently lack the sophistication to understand racial depth?

Among my friends and on social media, I have noticed a common phenomenon around blackness in dating: people are masking their blatant anti-blackness with the common rhetoric that “they’re just not my type.” Dating apps like Tinder and Ok Cupid have definitely made it easier for white people to see black faces and immediately swipe left.

However, I have also seen white friends and friends of color alike be more open to dating other nonblack races.The fact that white people and non-black people of color routinely rule out an entire race due to one common physical trait is not only insulting, but dangerous.It also says more about you and your own blissful ignorance than it ever does about black people’s beauty, and yet time and time again, it is black girls and boys who are left hating themselves for your carelessly clueless ideology.I found myself frustrated by their lack of understanding, but also frustrated by the fact that I cared at all.So you can be friends with a black person, and you can call someone “pretty for a black girl,” and you can claim to understand racism but when push comes to shove, you can still have this deep-seated belief that blackness is inherently unattractive.If anything, racial bias has intensified a bit," he wrote in his blog.

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