Consolidating grammar material using different games

His mother wanted him to become a doctor, but he liked sea travel. His/her hobby is walking in the mountains and surfing. His/her little brothers and sisters like watching cartoons. 3 Think of an exciting competition and tell your friend about it.

The whole family gathers together to have a festive supper which is called ‘Reveillon’ in French. Then read the questions and choose the right answer. How do they celebrate Christmas and the New Year in Spain and France?

In France Christmas is a family holiday dear to both children and grown-ups. 17 Talk with your friend about the New Year celebration in your family / at your school.

6 In pairs, look at the pictures and guess what these children are doing.

I’m singing / I’m climbing a mountain) and then show or mime it.

If you do it, the New Year will bring you happiness.

When the clock strikes twelve you must eat 12 grapes — one for each strike.

He chose a book by Roald Dahl, his favourite writer.

They named their son after the explorer Roald Amundsen, a national hero in Norway at the time.

9 Do you remember the rules of using the Future Simple Tense and going to? In Spain, for example, they cook turkey or sea-fish.

In every country there are traditional dishes cooked for Christmas supper.

Interview Phil/David/Sandy/Mary about their interests and travelling plans. 4 Write where you think Phil, David, Sandy, Mary would like to go in the USA and why.

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