Scott walker consolidating power

“But he is an extremely skilled politician and he shouldn’t be underestimated as a serious threat to win the Republican nomination.”Mr Walker may already have the conservative, Tea Party flank of the party sewn up.Latest polls in Iowa, which will kick off the nomination race with caucus voting in January, give him a commanding lead over his rivals.

Scott walker consolidating power

Mr Kraig calls the drugs-testing proposal a “racially-coded” message to his white base who stereotype those on welfare as black.“It is a remarkable transformation from a progressive, pro-union state run mostly by Democrat governors and Democrat senators to a reactionary corporations-first, conservative state,” Paul Secunda, professor of labour law at Marquette University, said.

“The labour movement here is struggling to catch up, they are still in a state of shock and they still haven’t figured out how to respond in the face of this assault.”Professor Secunda queries the pitch by Mr Walker and his allies that ‘Right to Work’ will make the state more competitive and help workers.

With 40 pens – one each for his ideologue allies from the state legislature huddled around him – Mr Walker did the deed on Monday inside a water meter factory just north of Milwaukee.

It was the ceremonial signing of a so-called ‘Right to Work’ law that forbids enterprises from entering labour deals with unions that oblige workers to pay them dues. It was last week when he was in a book shop in Caledonia, where he lives, when from the corner of his eye he caught his son, Ben, eight, letting fly at a book he’d seen on a table.

The next day he took to the public gallery and gave them a piece of his mind.

“You’re turning Wisconsin into a banana republic,” he yelled.And they have looked on in unabated admiration as he has set about dismantling what used to be called the Wisconsin Idea, a progressive compact to forge a state where the people controlled government not special interests. The University of Wisconsin, which was at the heart of the Wisconsin idea, will be spun out of state control and stripped of 0 million in funding in his latest state budget.He is taking money from public schools to encourage a voucher system for private schooling and is promising to subject recipients of social benefits, like Medicaid, to drugs testing.His ironworking job is one of the more dangerous out there.“One of thing the union stands up for is workplace safety and safety will be one of the first things to go, because it costs money.”An option, of course, is to move to a different state. No actual workers, cheering or otherwise, were there when Wisconsin governor Scott Walker took his latest steps to castrate organised labour in his state while casting an ever more confident eye towards Washington and the White House.

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