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The problems should be negligible and here is the list.Plugin renaming There should be no problems with most hosts, but some of the plugins have been renamed, and it's the host's responsibility to switch to the new plugin names.

shape shifter mod usable buggy updating further 1 5 2-75

In that case please just lower the Speed value to 0ms.

Attention: 8.05 is a technically big update, which contains partial restructuralization offactory data.

Note: Automation of the dynamic gain in MAuto Volume has been removed.

This feature is by definition degrading audio quality and causes numerous problems with different hosts and has been added just because the Waves' plugin has that.

Then restart your host and your projects should load without problems.

For future's sake it is recommended to have this option disabled however.Modulator follower RMS, Attack and Release ranges have been extended therefor you will experience compatibility issues if you modulated/automated these follower parameters.Stored settings shall be recalled correctly though.- Modulator frequency now ranges to 100Hz even for plugins previously not supporting this and having Hi Speed option instead.Surround is still supported of course, but onlyconfigurations n- NOTE: Multiparameter Speed of 200ms is now default to all multiparameters.This may cause backward compatibility issues, if you quickly modulated multiparameters.Note: While backward compatibility is strictly maintained, in order to provide higher multiparameter bank mode accuracy, the new format is different from the previous one, hence settings stored with the new versions won't be loaded properly with previous versions.

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