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So the example girl Vanessa is used here again, explaining what's going on in a woman's mind when she wants you to escalate.

The actual signals to look out for are again pretty basic, but sometimes guys will have trouble spotting them so it's good to be consciously aware of what to look for.

So you might have to take a girl's phone number and go on a few dates before she is ready to sleep with you.

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There are a lot of guys though who do have trouble spotting signs that a woman is interested, particularly if they are subtle.

And if you're a guy who spends too much time in his own head to really notice what other people are communicating, it's worth making sure you know what to look for to spot the women who are wanting you to approach them.

The sales video is quite misleading, setting up unrealistic expectations about what you will receive from this product.

Not a complete system, with next to no information on meeting and attracting women.

you're probably going to have a pretty good idea that she is interested in talking to you.

There's some others as well, but nothing that hasn't been mentioned before in basic body language books or magazine articles.If they exist anywhere in the product, they're certainly not as powerful as they are claimed to be.So if you're considering buying this product based on the promises that you'll be able to have sex with hot, young women anytime you like, no matter what you look like or even if you have no personality, then realize this isn't what you're going to get.The things that are talked about here are fairly accurate, if not original.So it's pretty much pointing out to you that women meet a lot of different guys and they have plenty of options, and are generally looking for an exclusive relationship.We suggest taking a look at our Editor's Choice page to get a better idea of what product will best suit your needs.

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