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) and write down 3 REAL-LIFE ACTIONS you’ll take this week to start turning things around. Participate in an activity you’re semi-good at this week) and they should be simple (Feel like you’re too shy? Begin with these steps, and before you know it, you’ll start creating a better “inner game” attitude for yourself…a new hope and confidence that comes from just BEGINNING to change.Stick to them…add to them…and it will will ignite a CHAIN REACTION in your life.

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This was his first encounter with the seduction community and he quickly became a protege of Jeffries who taught various techniques like Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP).

De Angelo is recognised for teaching attraction methods that run counter to what he says most men think women want.

But fair warning: For now, do NOT worry about how you’ll actually become that guy.

Just stick to imagining some ways that you’ll be different once you’re sharing your life with a great woman.

These methods include: Double Your Dating was the first ebook released by De Angelo, winning numerous awards including Seduction Book Of The Year 2008.

It's success led to a follow up ebook as well as CD's, DVD's, live seminars and coaching, propelling De Angelo into the limelight.How a man feels about himself deep inside — also known as his “inner game” — is his key to finding and building a great relationship.Nothing worthwhile is easy…and when it comes to dating success, it couldn’t be more true.In my case, a few years back I realized that “Future Me” (that guy who’s finally successful with women) would need a more easygoing attitude and to be more comfortable in his own skin.He’d need to be more willing to take risks, and to say and do things outside of his “comfort zone.” Above all, he’d need a better sense of humor.His Double Your Dating ebook launched a dating advice empire that reportedly makes over million in sales each year from ebooks, video courses, seminars and other coaching for men.

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