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Active Directory Join NETBIOS error fixed - An issue in which domain join would fail for AD Windows Server versions that disallowed anonymous service listings (such as Windows Server 16) has now been resolved.

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Azure Disk Device display bug fixed - When creating more than one new Azure disk device on an Azure Soft NAS Cloud Instance, the first disk would incorrectly revert to an old designation of 'Msft Virtual Disk'.

Active Directory Wizard Allowed Characters bug fix - A bug in which numerical characters were disallowed on Active Directory user names has been resolved.

Combined with patent-pending innovations like Obj Fast™ and unique performance-enhancements focused around Veeam backups, Soft NAS Cloud® delivers the fastest and best place to store your Veeam backups in the cloud.

Azure Service Principal support - Service Principals can now be leveraged on Azure Soft NAS Cloud instances.

Required Action: Azure AD passwords can be set to never expire by following the instructions found in Microsoft Azure Active Directory Password Policy Help Documentation.

Lift and Shift Throughput Graph Display Issue - Upon recent investigation of recent customer reports of poor performance, we have determined that a large percentage of these cases the customer has been impacted by rate limiting and throttling by the cloud providers.

For version 3.7, the Flex Tiers™ user interface supports the configuration of up to 4 tiers.

Soft NAS Cloud® Enterprise includes ongoing entitlement of a minimum of 2 tiers, but Soft NAS reserves the right to reduce the number of entitled tiers to less than 4 in future releases.

Read Cache using Ephemeral disks issue resolved - Ephemeral disk Read Cache volumes now transfer correctly upon a failover, without manual intervention.

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