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Supposing some of my neighbors or myself think we ought to have a newspaper reflecting our opinions, and devoted especially to our locality, trade, or profession.

We go about among the people till we get the names of such a number that their annual subscriptions will meet the cost of the paper, which is little or big according to the largeness of its constituency.

It is very well to make a man pay for publishing a book, because the expense will be only occasional; but no man could afford the expense of publishing a newspaper every day in the year.

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The author fixes this royalty at any figure he pleases.

Of course if he puts it unreasonably high it is his own loss, for the book will not sell.

When men came to realize the greatness of the felicity which had befallen them, and that the change through which they had passed was not merely an improvement in details of their condition, but the rise of the race to a new plane of existence with an illimitable vista of progress, their minds were affected in all their faculties with a stimulus, of which the outburst of the mediæval renaissance offers a suggestion but faint indeed.

There ensued an era of mechanical invention, scientific discovery, art, musical and literary productiveness to which no previous age of the world offers anything comparable.""Neither way. It is bound to print all that is offered it, but prints it only on condition that the author defray the first cost out of his credit.

If you have newspapers at all, they must, I fancy, be published by the government at the public expense, with government editors, reflecting government opinions.

Now, if your system is so perfect that there is never anything to criticise in the conduct of affairs, this arrangement may answer. West, the newspaper press is by no means the only or, as we look at it, the best vehicle for serious criticism of public affairs.

Ah, what would I give if I had not already read Berrian's novels.""Yes," said Dr. "It has been an era of unexampled intellectual splendor.

Probably humanity never before passed through a moral and material evolution, at once so vast in its scope and brief in its time of accomplishment, as that from the old order to the new in the early part of this century.

Every author has precisely the same facilities for bringing his work before the popular tribunal.

To judge from the complaints of the writers of your day, this absolute equality of opportunity would have been greatly prized." the sole judges.

Otherwise I should think the lack of an independent unofficial medium for the expression of public opinion would have most unfortunate results. Leete, that a free newspaper press, with all that it implies, was a"I am afraid I can't give you even that consolation," replied Dr. To us, the judgments of your newspapers on such themes seem generally to have been crude and flippant, as well as deeply tinctured with prejudice and bitterness.

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