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You make a prediction (trilobites and lobsters should be found in the same places in the fossil record).

You make an observation (trilobites and lobsters found together in the fossil record).

It has become increasingly clear that these radiometric dating techniques agree with each other and as a whole, present a coherent picture in which the Earth was created a very long time ago.

This show by the amount of helium in both the rocks and the atmosphere. How can the DNA that has the information in it to build an entire person or animal be an accident?

what do you all think, I am relatively low on this knowledge, enlighten me, I am only a template...

Trilobites appeared during the Cambrian and Lobsters appeared during the Cretaceous. I started with Fossil Records because, well, I like fossils.

Trouble is I only got a few paragraphs down before I got fed up with it. Because it was so full of errors and faulty premises and logical inaccuracies that a child could spot there seemed very little point in reading the rest.

We can not predict that any one molecule will decay at any specific time, but accurate predictions can be made with large samples, and by knowing what proportion has decayed we can fairly accurately calculate how long that element has been in existence in its current form. There is plenty of evidence for evolution ranging from fossil records and how they change over time, observation of species which have been cut off from other members of the same species and have changed to take maximum advantage of the new environment (hate saying this as it implies that the species themselves that decide to change rather than environmental pressures favouring certain adaptations over others), also the DNA of different species can be examined and a relation tree created by observing the differences, and ring species.

I was going to continue this post by discussing "What is Science", but I think I'll leave it there and maybe do it in a new thread later. See if what you have been taught all these years still makes sense.The question the guy asked was concerning predictions.This is a good example of science: You have a hypothesis (all animals lived at the same time, 6000 years ago, and died in the same flood). I may know to not trust this site, b/c it's probably super-baised towards creationism.I want to know the common refutes to the problems that theists seem to have with these problems... Radiometric Dating: despite evolutionist claim that Radiometric dating works.The author seemed to be having trouble with there being no trilobites and lobsters together in the fossil record during the Cambrian era and wondering why, if they lived together are they not fossilised together. "Why would creatures that would seem to share the same general environment while alive be so widely separated in the fossil record if they did indeed live at the same time and in pretty much the same location?

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