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Rather, we all were both male & female, and because of this, the human race became too powerful. The spouse you spend your life with is your choice.

So, Zeus split humans in two with the intention that we’ll spend our time trying to find our other half and won’t threaten the gods. With as little as the Bible talks about initially getting married, it implies that it is a choice based on character & faith – not feelings or destiny.

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Science tells us that romance lasts 12-18 months and inevitably fades.

In those 12-18 months, you’re officially infatuated and prone to idealization. You find yourself so busy trying to get them and keep them that you don’t have any emotional energy or value to truly tell if they’re worth getting or keeping.

God created the neurochemical processes in our mind, but it’s foolish to bet our life on it.

We must make this choice on a biblical and wise basis.He finally clued me into the fact that love is a choice, and I made the jump.It was a much needed debunking that led to one of the better decisions I’ve made in life.) REALITY.After polling my online community about the most helpful marriage resource they’ve found, I was shocked to see a book title I had never heard of show up in 1/4 of their responses. Naturally, I tabbed over to Amazon, made the purchase, spent the next couple days reading, and then reached out to Gary for an interview.Quickly in to our time, I was thrilled to realize that Gary was no typical marriage counselor and seemed to actually enjoy life & conversation – beyond just offering formulas and making points.It didn’t take us long to veer off topic, where we landed on some golden thoughts about common myths young people believe about marriage. Press play to watch 10 mins of the interview or see my highlights below. The idea of “THE ONE” and a “soul mate” comes originally from Plato, the Greek philosopher.

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