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Phoenix Intercept Tactical Alert Tenno, We have received reports of a factory that is developing artificial genomes for Tyl Regor.These genomes can restore broken links in the Grineer DNA sequence, producing many stronger clones. Assault the forces at Tyl Regor’s factory and intercept any intel that can tell us more about his experiments. New Warframe Augments New Augments have been added for the following Warframes, and can be purchased from the appropriate Syndicates: TENNO REINFORCEMENTS Tonbo Polearm available now!Cut enemies down swiftly and precisely with the Tonbo Polearm.

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Get these new in-game additions by visiting the Market today!

New Quest: Stolen Dreams What are the Arcane Codices?

These alterations to stealth gameplay will continue to evolve based upon player feedback, but for now stealth aficionados can sink their teeth into the following changes: General Improvements: We’ve made a wide variety of improvements to Warframe in some obvious, and not-so-obvious ways.

The following is a quick list of changes we’ve made, and where you’ll notice them the most!

VALENTINE COLOR PICKER Does Valentine's Day have you seeing red? Wear your heart on your Warframe's sleeve -- and well, all of your Warframe -- with the Valentine Color Picker.

Add a selection of love-ly color choices to your Arsenal!

This new Quest is available for all players Mastery Rank 3 or greater.

Spy 2.0 While our old Spy game mode certainly had small spy-like focus in stealing intel, most of the time players were happy to loudly murder their way through the enemy to get the job done. That’s why we sat down and gave Spy a total overhaul.

In addition, changes have been made for Defense, Survival, Mobile Defense, Exterminate and Rescue.

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