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The measured TCN concentration is representative of the exposure age of the studied landform (1) if the formation of the landform was instantaneous and (2) if no surface denudation or (3) sediment accumulation has occurred since its formation.

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Terrestrial in situ produced cosmogenic nuclides a geochronological tool for Quaternary geology and geomorphology Terrestrial in-situ produced Cosmogenic Nuclides (TCN) are suitable for the determination of the exposure age, burial age and denudation rate of rock surfaces, sediments and landforms.

The method is applicable in the time range of 10 years and at variable lithologies.

Quaternary sediments and landforms of aeolian origin suggest that the role of wind erosion in the Pannonian Basin was also significant during the Quaternary.

Aeolian denudation was studied in the western part of the Pannonian Basin using in situ produced cosmogenic Be depth profiles.

Applications in Hungary The Danube, the major river of the Pannonian Basin system, is the only river cutting through the NE-SW Transdanubian Range (TR).

River terraces show an up-warped pattern approaching the axis of the TR documenting differential uplift rates along the river.

During 2014-2015, partial treatment of a sample sets (crushing, sieving, quartz purification and etching) occurred in our lab and the extraction chemistry of the cosmogenic nuclides occurred at the CEREGE LN2C (Aix en Provence, France), the location of the accelerator mass spectrometry (AMS) measurements (Ruszkiczay-Rüdiger et al., 2016b).

In 2015-2016 years already the complete chemical processing of test sample sets was possible, and first results and their interpretation are on their way (Ruszkiczay-Rüdiger et al., 2016; 2017a,b; Neuhuber et al., 2016) .

Accordingly, on a surface of long term steady erosion TCN concentrations are suitable for the determination of the surface denudation rate.

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