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While leave is a RIGHT, that doesn't necessarily mean you can take it whenever you wish.As with all things, "military necessity" determines when you can take your leave.At Gymba ROO Central we have a sliding scale of fees.

The old PDS is for beginning leave; the new PDS is for ending leave.

Making a false statement of leave taken may result in punitive action under the UCMJ.

Individual service leave regulations are: Army: Army Regulation 600-8-10 - Thus, the law permits members to accrue a maximum of 60 days (the maximum that may be carried over into the next the fiscal year [FY]).

The expression “use or lose” means that leave in excess of 60 days is lost if not used by the end of the FY (30 September).

This also applies to leave en route to a PCS or TDY assignment.

In this case, the local area, as defined at the old and new permanent duty station (PDS), applies.When a member "sells" leave, he/she receives one day of base pay for each day of leave "sold." However, the legislative history of the law clearly expresses congressional concern that members use leave to relax from the pressures of duties and not as a method of compensation.NOTE: Members do not earn leave when they are absent without official leave (AWOL), in an unauthorized absence status, serving a court-martial sentence, or in an excess leave status.Further, unit commanders will not approve successive Monday through Friday leaves (or periods of leave surrounding other normal off-duty days) except under emergency or unusual circumstances as determined by the unit commander.A member who is unable to report to duty upon expiration of leave because of illness or injury must advise the leave approving authority.Regardless of the amount of leave authorized, finance calculates leave based on the actual date of departure and date of return.

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