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Change the width of Text Box controls in an Edit Mode Details View Hi all! How can i change the width of textbox in edit mode on run-time?

Ideally, I would like the textbox to be multiline but I'll settle for width = 200 :)... Marco Minerva, [email protected] Sure, do something like this: protected void Details View1_Data Bound(object sender, Event Args e) Thanks, Ed Micro...

Fields object) edit mode , this was my question .next time please refer to my question Leeor Hi: In Details View's Pre Render event handler you can get the reference of the Text Box and set width or style to it. The columns are generated at runtime and unfortunately not every column is editable. Cannot display correct width, after controlling width in Edit Mode.

Edit) Regards change width of the textbox in edit mode of detailsview Hi, I'm using boundfields in a detailsview. Is it possibile to change the default width of a Text Box control that is shown in a Details View when it is in edit mode? How can i change the width of textbox in edit mode on run-time?

I am trying to use the following, but can not figureout how to get to the bound field ("My Bound Field") to set its new value. Sub Employee Detail View_Mode Changed(By Val sender As Object, By Val e As Event Args) Select Case Customer Detail View. Edit My Bound Field.value = "some value" End Select End Sub Thanks in advance,sck10...

Details View Edit Mode I have a detailsview with edit enabled.inerpersonal attraction in dating relationships of young adults, on a Significant Other Is Becoming an Acceptable Form of. Join for FREE and meet hundreds of, detailsview detailsview1 fired event itemupdating which wasn singles in Arizona and surrounding areas. Online Dating, Omni Date Wins Red Herring Global 100. Massachusetts Lesbians, Lesbian Dating in Massachusetts. Example: 120.000000000000 using below code, i am not seeing the textbox when in edit mode, it appears as a label. I am using a Details View, with following aspx code, ...How to change widths of the textboxes when editing gridview Hello, when creating a command for editing (i.e.Dear all, After controlling Datagrid Width in EDIT MODE (code as follows), I cannot control width during display. Insert in a number of places, including Load, Pre Render, Data Binding and Data Bound.

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