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Among them were two North Carolina stars who had just signed with World Wrestling Entertainment -- Matt and Jeff Hardy. D -- The Reality of Amy Dumas" is the stirring tale of one young woman's amazing journey to the top of WWE.

Amy formed an instant bond with the brothers; their high-flying bravado inspired her own ring style. Interesting if you're already a Lita fan, but not nearly as interesting as the real-life wrestling controversy she caused in the years following this book's release.

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If you know anything about how Lita's career down spiraled towards the end due to the real life turmoil between her, Edge,and Matt Hardy it can definitely feel uncomfortable reading her thoughts on Matt around the time the book was written.

It's not undreadable and I give it kudos for being a bit more meaty and easier to follow then Chyna's book but there are more interesting books as well as more interesting diva's to follow then Lita/Amy Dumas.

I liked some of her ideas that she had in the book like wanting to be the first intergender tag-team with Matt Hardy I think they would have been great.

Team Extreme was the highlight tag team so why would it be so bad just because they were missing Jeff?

Amy found people who saw her determination and her heart, and agreed to train her.

She met a number of wrestlers who would prove influential in her career.Lita was and still is a unique individual that a lot of people can look up to and I still do even though she retired back in 2006 due to controversies that were nobodies business.I always hope she will come back and wrestle show these stupid girls who show off their bodies that there was a lot more to it when she wrestled. All I can say is she had a great run in the WWE and she was one of a kind.It wasn't long before Amy -- now christened Lita -- joined WWE. It took a broken neck suffered on the set of a television series to stop her..only temporarily. For her fans only, casual wrestling fans should avoid.I have always absolutely loved Lita and has been a big role model in my life since I was a little girl and gave me the confidence to come out of my shell and be myself.Lita was right just because Jeff was being a burnout (which I hate to admit seeing as he's my favorite wrestler) why punish them for it and turn down their idea.

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