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Unless you choose additional services such as bespoke modules or custom development, we don’t charge you anything extra for using our software.

We don’t charge a percentage of turnover or anything extra for new channels – just a flat fee for each user license on our system. All of our prices exclude VAT, so any applicable taxes will also be added.

Look up the jury information for the state you’re in as to entitlements.

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You can use our registration page to start your account with us straight away.

We don’t need credit card or other billing information from you – just your details so we know how to reach you and offer some help!

If your business is registered in an EU member state, you can provide us with your VAT registration number prior to subscribing, in order to avoid being charged VAT.

We offer a 14-day money back guarantee – if you find you aren’t happy with the system within 14 days of first subscribing and you’d like to cancel, please contact us and we’ll be happy to refund your first subscription payment with us.

Just get in touch with our friendly team or request a cancellation from your account page, and we’ll be able to assist you in this.

Once you cancel your account, we’ll hold your data on our servers for 30 days should you change your mind, after which it will be deleted.A small cave carved out of the cliff, roughly in the center of the valley, is equipped with the basic comforts of living and is known as The Den.This is where recruiters and trainers live and work, and where the new recruits report back as they complete tasks in the area.Around the time of the Cataclysm, Alliance forces of the Northwatch Expeditionary Unit also started sending scouts into the area.Wildlife in the area includes venomous scorpids and brutish boars.Recently, a taint has crept into the northern part of the valley.

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