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But for women, those attacks on our freedoms are hardly relegated to suicide bombings.

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Time and again, men who engage in mass killings turn out to have also been accused of domestic or sexual violence in the past.

Women are the canaries in the coal mine for male violence, including terrorism, and too often those warning signs are ignored.

Misogyny's other most powerful tool is protectionism – the idea that women's freedoms have to be curtailed for our own good.

You should cover up because men are lascivious beasts who can't be trusted.

Come to think of it, better not to go out in public at all, just to be safe.

The Manchester attack was every parent's worst nightmare, and many might turn to protectionism in response.

And Kym Marsh and her personal trainer boyfriend Matt Baker enjoyed a night off on Friday, partying in style at the relaunch of Bar Ca Bar in Manchester.

The Coronation Street star stood out from the crowd in a neon orange vest top, keeping the rest of her look casual.

Watch everything we know about the horrific attack here.

They've been dating - and working out together - for two years.

We may not know much about the Manchester bomber's specific ideology – but when it comes to why he would target women and girls, we don't really need to.

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