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), Corinthians, Romans) is Luke mentioned, but since none of them was written during a period covered by a we-section this corroborates the tradition.” Third, according to Col. and Philemon 24, Luke and Mark were in close contact with one another.

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First, he was probably a Gentile since he is mentioned separately from the “men of the circumcision” in Colossians 4.

Beyond this there is very little information within the NT.

These all not only affirm authorship of the Acts by Luke, but Lukan authorship for the book which bears his name, too. a book which was meant for publication must have borne its author’s name from the start.

Thus the external evidence is both unanimous and early. .” As with Mark, this unanimous tradition is all the more surprising if it were not true since Luke was not an apostle, nor even closely associated with one of the twelve. In this respect the literary conventions of the first century were stricter than ours, which allow an author to hide behind a pen-name. Epp, etc.) show that it had certain theological tendencies.

Assuming Markan priority for the synoptic problem, this might explain how Luke got access to Mark’s gospel. Cadbury almost four decades later (1920), person, and that a physician would fit this picture well.

in which he argued that where Matthew and Mark use common, everyday terms, Luke often used medical terms in describing Jesus’ healings. Further, when one compares Mark with Luke , it is interesting that whereas Mark mentions that the woman had spent her life’s savings on doctors and only grew worse under their care, Luke omits the jab.

Surely he received many first person reports (both written and oral) for the composition of both books.

This view suggests that he was careful to change the first person plural all the way through both Luke and Acts until Acts 16!

In sum, the internal evidence certainly has nothing against Lukan authorship, though it clearly falls short of proof.

This is all the more reason to accept Lukan authorship, for this is the unanimous testimony from the fathers: “Granted that an ancient scholar might have deduced from the prologue to the Gospel that the author was not an apostle and from the ‘we’ sections of Acts that he was a companion of Paul, he still would have had no means of putting a name to the author if there had not been a valid tradition connecting the books with the name of Luke.” Assuming that Luke penned the gospel which bears his name, and the book of Acts, what do we know about him (apart from his occupation)?

The inscription “The Acts of the Apostles” probably reaches back to the beginning of the second century CE, since it is found in virtually every MS which contains this book, as well as the anti-Marcionite Prologue to Luke (c. Although it has been suggested that the wholly anarthrous title Suffice it to say, the title is only partially accurate, for only Peter and Paul figure predominantly in this book for reasons which should become clear when we consider the purpose/occasion of writing.

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