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Zend’s two-level backend has caused some trouble for Magento developers, while large core_cache_tag tables have created My SQL server issues, leading to decreased performance.

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In the months following Magento 2’s initial release, there have been numerous reports that the platform is slower than expected.

Before joining Shoppimon I had the chance to work as part of the team at Magento responsible for building Magento 2 cache features, and while many theories have been tossed around, I can almost guarantee that the cause of your e Commerce store’s speed trouble is how you’re utilizing the platform’s caching abilities.

Another defining feature of Varnish is the flexibility it gives developers.

It uses VCL, which allows developers to write specific policies for how incoming requests should be handled.

The result – quicker response times and improved site performance.

Magento 2 has plenty of great caching features, but a lack of familiarity with the new system is one of the major contributors to slow online stores.

Magento 2 also has out-of-the-box support for Content Delivery Networks.

CDNs support ‘edge caching,’ which aims to decrease load times further by placing the cache closer to your visitor’s web browser.

Here are the inbuilt Magento cache types you should have enabled: Configuration details are collected from all modules, merged, and then saved to this cache. If necessary, Magento cleans up this cache automatically, but third-party developers can put any data in any segment of the cache. Appearance is triggered when HTML pages are generated. These should be flushed to generate the newer cache Magento 2 provides you with configuration files and settings that are ready to go with three different tools that can also be used for caching.

Store-specific settings kept in the file system and database are also saved to this cache. Contains metadata related to EAV attributes, like search settings and store labels. When all three of these are used properly, you stand to drastically increase your Magento performance.

Developers who have worked with Magento 1 know that on the old platform caching capabilities had to be added through extensions.

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