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Especially when you find yourself in a big foreign town and your hotel is miles away – a catastrophe!

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In fact, the Russian fleet is on the edge of a precipitous decline in ship numbers and combat power, owing to huge industrial shortfalls that have been decades in the making.

"As for missions of Russian naval ships, there will be 50 percent more of them than in 2013," Gen.

Some lucky people got their own apartments, and sometimes even small country houses, or “dachas”.

But even so, they had to share this pseudo-property with their extended families, and having in-laws at your premises can sometimes lead to even grosser forms of communal hatred.... There are many taxi companies in Russia, and while going around town, it’s always handy to have the telephone numbers of a couple of them so that one doesn’t get stuck somewhere in the middle of the night, with no buses or subway stations around.

Not only because their foreign language skills are often regretfully meager, but mainly because there is so much to do and to discover there.... ” [gd'eh zd'es' too-ah-l'eht] – Where is the restroom?

More often than not, the answer to this trivial question turns out to be life-saving.

“) to “How not to get lost in all this variety of shops? It is fast and reliable, its structure is clear-cut, and many of its stations look like palaces or museum halls.

Traffic jams are left behind on the surface, trains come every two minutes, and it’s hard to get lost because there are so many direction signs: Just follow the color of your line....

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