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Also, for references 1942-1947, I linked to United States Army Air Corps rather than United States Army Air Forces, even though in many cases the latter is more accurate. AIUI, the header of the Mo H citation (the part preceding the word "Citation") is official text, copied and pasted from some official source, and therefore I don't change it, even when I have confirmed it's wrong (as with William D. Is this a case of the Army itself using the term "Army Air Corps" as a retronym, or did the term "Army Air Corps" have some official meaning in 1918?--Malcolmxl5 (talk) , (UTC) The Af D discussion for Operation Iraqi Home Protector has been relisted in an attempt to reach a consensus.

Republic of Korea War Service Medal) but with the red and blue symbol from the Flag of South Korea stuck in the middle. jwillbur , (UTC)An article covered by this Wiki Project, Kristallnacht, is currently under the Spotlight.

If you wish to help, please join the editors in #wikipedia-spotlight on the freenode IRC network where the project is coordinated. A heads up that the article Airborne March is up for Af D.

That caused it to show up on the list, and I set about disambiguating 400 links. I assumed that this was just sloppy use of "Army Air Corps" as a retronym to refer to it's predecessor agencies, so I changed them to United States Army Air Service (not just piped, but changed the text) save one from 1917 which I changed to Aviation Section, U. The article James Fitzmaurice (pilot) says "He joined the Army Air Corps in 1919". Also I was stumped by Solder wick, which contains no hints to distinguish US v UK.

Most of them were obvious, but I found some odd cases, and ended up confused on some points. When was "Army Air Corps" first used for a British unit? Looks like the UK Army Air Corps was re-formed in 1957, having previously existed during World War II, the post-WWI reference might be to some of the Army cooperation squadrons which the RAF had at that date.

Some of its more notable military aircraft include the B-17, B-24, B-29, B-47, B-52, B-1 and B-2 (in partnerships), C-135, E-3, KC-135, CH-46, CH-47, F/A-18 (partnership), F-22 (partnership), V-22 Osprey and AH-64 Apache (partnerships).

Mc Donnell-Douglas did the F-4 Phantom II, among many others. Berkowitz (talk) , (UTC) I'd vote for Boeing as MILHIST even w/o the (relatively) recent acquisition of Mc Donnell-Douglas, given its long history of military manufacturing as detailed by Howard above.

US: According to United States Army Air Corps (and several other articles), the U. I'm trying to use the London Gazette to track down details of Fitzmaurice, but no luck yet.

Bleckley received a posthumous Mo H after he was killed in France on October 6, 1918. I decided it is too hard for me to tell, so if the earlier editor used "Corps" I am letting that stand.

Cheers, Ian Rose (talk) , (UTC) To clarify the above: as long as the company produces some purely military products, it can also produce civilian products. When I last looked, the B-52 is planned to stay operational until at least 2030; pretty good for a first flight in the early fifties.

Other than small or very specialized component shops, virtually no company is pure military. Anyone want to think a few might hit the century mark? Berkowitz (talk) , (UTC)Yep, I believe Wandalstouring means if it produces some products that are purely military in nature, even if if it produces non-military product as well, that's in scope. Cheers, Ian Rose (talk) , (UTC)To take the argument possibly to an extreme -what about componies that were only involved in producing military products during wartime - such as the Austin Motor Company, which while more widely known for production of cars etc, did make large amopunts of military goods during WW1 and 2?

It may be that we don't have an article for it yet, but unto my experience these things are sometimes at pages whose names differ from the one provided elsewhere, and I just want to make sure that the latter scenario isn;t the case here.

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