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Farris, an attorney, formed the Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA) to wage state-by-state court battles for the right to opt out of public education and abolish child-protection laws that the homeschooling movement viewed as state intrusion and a threat to certain tough-love forms of discipline.(Farris did not respond to an interview request.)Underlying homeschooling culture is the Christian patriarchy movement, which teaches that men and women have separate, “complementarian” roles: A woman’s highest calling is as a mother and submissive “helpmeet” to her husband, who in turn functions as God’s representative on Earth. For the husband is the head of the wife as Christ is the head of the church,” reads Ephesians , an oft-cited biblical passage in the movement that is also invoked in the PHC student handbook.

But when it came to creating their own home, a modest ranch house they built on 39 acres in Virginia hunt country, the equestrian first lady relied on her own talents, noting, "I designed it all myself." On February 19, RR Auction in Boston is selling albums filled with documents and photographs detailing the planning, construction, and furnishing of the Kennedys' retreat on Rattlesnake Mountain, near Middleburg, Va. A sparse mix of modern upholstery and antiques found its way into the pink-painted living room, while the dining room had Louis XVI-style caned chairs and -- souvenirs of the first lady's 1962 trip to India -- small paintings depicting sexual couplings from the Kama Sutra.

Local architect Keith Williams drew up the plans for the house, following the first lady's rough sketches and incorporating ideas from pages that she tore out of Maison & Jardin and Better Homes & Gardens; the simple kitchen, on the other hand, Jackie Kennedy modeled after one at the home of her mother, Janet Auchincloss. (Okay, June Cleaver could never have gotten away with that.) Jackie Kennedy's bedroom was decorated en suite, with a single floral fabric used for the walls, curtains, and upholstery, and it was accented with black Victorian papier-mâché furniture and a button-tufted chaise longue like that in her White House dressing room.

But within some conservative evangelical circles, the practice took off.

Under their own roofs, the thinking went, parents wouldn’t have to worry about their children being inundated with evolutionary theories or arguments in favor of abortion.

About 85 percent of PHC students have been homeschooled, and all students pledge to “reserve sexual activity for marriage, shun sexually explicit material, and seek parental counsel when pursuing a romantic relationship,” according to the PHC student handbook.

For many homeschoolers, PHC offers the first opportunity to have classmates of the opposite sex who aren’t their siblings.

On a good Friday or Saturday night, they’d catch freshmen trying to sneak back onto campus after an evening visiting the monuments in nearby Washington, D. Mostly, though, they just double-checked that all the doors were locked. Drinking, smoking, gambling, and dancing (outside of dance classes) aren’t allowed on campus—only wholesome, school-sanctioned hijinks, like the tradition of tossing newly engaged young men in the central retention pond known as Lake Bob: a “Bobtism.” The security guards saw quite a few Bobtisms. She was limp in his arms, and her eyes were closed.

Patrick Henry College was founded in 2000, but you won’t find any bold, modern architecture on campus: Its buildings were designed in the federalist style to evoke an Ivy League school. That May night, Adam Fisher and another guard watched the security monitors from their post. weekend curfew, a time when campus had the still and quiet feel of a small town hours after everyone has gone to bed. Claire struggled to explain what had happened.“She kept saying that she had been violated,” Adam remembers.

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