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But originally when deputies investigated the death, homicide was ruled out.In January 2013 the car-crushing case officially reopened and remains active, according to testimony in court papers and confirmation yesterday by a spokeswoman at the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office.

Chasing wild turkeys as a lark didn’t square with authorities either.

“Henthorn told the investigators it was sort of a spontaneous decision to go to this area, but indeed, investigation has shown that he made numerous scouting trips to the park,” Hazra said.

And authorities say the evidence, gathered and reinvestigated by detectives 20 years later, reveals eerie parallels with Toni Henthorn’s death.

Whenever Sandra Lynn’s death came up, the widower told people “bizarre stories,” prosecutors said.

while responding to a distress call that a woman was pinned under a car.

The lawman described Henthorn as appearing “visibly shaken.”“His eyes were darting back and forth as he was kind of surveying the scene,” Kennedy said during testimony during pretrial proceedings in May.

The story has made national headlines, as Henthorn’s first wife also died in a freak accident.

Toni was also on her second marriage—and now, far away from Mile High, Toni’s first husband has been forced to carry on his life in Meridian, Mississippi, where he and his college sweetheart began a life together.

As Toni tumbled down the cliff, Harold Henthorn “witnessed a blur while he was reading text messages.” But he allegedly had the wherewithal to gather up their backpacks and “made sure he had all their belongings,” according to Hazra’s rundown.

Soon after authorities arrived on the scene, prosecutors say, Harold Henthorn kept erroring when trying to detail how his wife slipped and fell.

Patricia Montoya said she ran to the nearest house she spotted to call 911.

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