Crazy but true dating stories

Emergency room staff were felled by ‘fumes’ when a blood sample was taken.

A strange oily sheen on the woman’s skin and unexplained white crystals in her blood were reported.

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Laura Buxton released a helium filled balloon during celebrations for her grandparents’ gold wedding anniversary in Blurton, Staffordshire, in June 2001.

Attached to the balloon was her name and address and a note asking the finder to write back. The balloon had been found by another Laura Buxton in the garden hedge of her home in Pewsey, Wiltshire, 140 miles away.

After an operation, AB heard the voices again: ‘We are pleased to have helped you,’ they said ‘Good-bye.’ AB made a full recovery.

A Hazard unique to Venezuelan highways is a slippery goo called La Mancha Negra (the black stain), although it is more of a sludge with the consistency of chewing gum.

A doctor suffered liver and lung damage, and bone necrosis. One hypothesis was that Ramirez, who had had cervical cancer, had taken a cocktail of medicines that combined to make an insecticide (organophospate) but tests yielded no clue.

In April 1997, a turkey hunter in Yellowwood State Forest, Indiana, came upon a huge sandstone boulder wedged between three branches of an oak tree about 35 feet from the ground.

Margaret Bell, who kept bees in Leintwardine, about 7 miles from her home in Ludlow, Shropshire (England), died in June 1994.

Soon after her funeral, mourners were amazed to see hundreds of bees settle on the corner of the street opposite the house where she had lived for 26 years.

Both Lauras were ages 10 and both had three year old black Labradors, a guinea pig, and a rabbit.

A noise a bit like amplifier feedback had been heard for three years coming from the right ear of a Welsh pony called Misty, according to the Vetinary Record (April 1995).

It turned out that the crash had actually happened five months earlier when the driver, Christopher Chandler, had been reported missing by his brother.

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