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For on all the casing, and on the core on which the casing fitted, there are lines drawn on the horizontal surfaces, showing where each stone was to be placed on those below it.

If the stones were merely trimmed to fit each other as the building went on, there would be no need to have so carefully marked the place of each block in this particular way; and it shows that they were probably planned and fitted together on the ground below.

I brought down this altar for him in 17 days after it was hewn at Hatnub. (I) had built for it a barge of acacia wood of 60 cubits in its length, 30 cubits in its width assembled in 17 days in the 3rd month of summer, when there was no water upon the sandbanks.

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The ground-plan of the tomb of Ramses IV is extant. When a Ptolemaic temple at Qalabasha in Nubia was moved block by block from 1961 to 1963 and rebuilt elsewhere, the ground-plan of the building was discovered. The foundations were laid down straight with the help of strings, then they scratched the ground-plan into the surface of these foundations according to the grid lines.

The architect had again used grid lines and the laying of the blocks was accurate to 7 mm according to K. A list of the required blocks with their measurements were sent to the quarry where they were trimmed with great precision. While they interfered little in the way residential districts of towns grew, they were responsible for the erection of public buildings, among them temples built of stone.

Not much is known about celebrations held by ordinary Egyptians building their houses [11], but foundation and inauguration ceremonies of temples have often been recorded [12].

My majesty ordered that the foundation ceremony (lit.

the line extension) should be prepared [at the approach of] the day of the Feast of the New Moon, to extend the measuring-line upon this monument.

In the year 24, second month of the second season, the last day (of the month), on the day of the tenth feast of Amon in ........... After this, I proceeded [after] (my) father, Amon; the god proceeded at his going to celebrate this his beautiful feast.

Expeditions to the quarries were complicated enterprises.

I begged the majesty of my lord (to have) brought to (me) a sarcophagus of white stone from Tura His majesty caused the seal-bearer of the god to cross over together with a company of sailors under his command in order to bring to (me) this sarcophagus from Tura it arrived with him in a great barge of the court together with its lid, a false door lintel, two doorjambs and a libation stone.

The drawings on the left were found by the French at the quarries of Gebel Abu Feida in 1789.

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