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I assert that experience accrues logarithmically, so this framework is more plausible that the standard linear model.Plus it works at low ages and is less expansive at high ages.There are certainly going to be exceptions to this, some people (myself included) love going on adventures alone but are too shy to talk to other humans.

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Okay, so I want a piece of this discussion five years late.

I think two of the early posters suggested the best mathematics and the best justification for it (combined).

Do you (or the paper you mentioned) actually have numbers to back this up?

'Cause it's a bit bold to claim there's a correlation between (some somehow-objective measure of) attractiveness and chance of leaving the dating pool early, based solely on "it stands to reason"...

Socially stunted 30 year olds, if they want to date, have to date people in the 22-46 age range, who are going to have much more dating experience than themselves.

It, unfortunately, can be hard finding someone in that age range patient enough to understand that one is 30 and has no idea how to act on a date.

I think for a lot of people they are going to be the same thing.

If you're ambitious enough to get life experience through career, hobbies, and traveling, you probably are also ambitious enough to ask a woman on a date.

Rather than a lower limit, however, it was an optimum (the ideal age for a woman is half her husband's age, plus seven).

So an age difference which used to be considered ideal is now considered borderline creepy. Also: This comic turned up in a scholarship calculus exam in NZ (the hardest before university, if you do well they give you money) last year.

The math was the difference of the logs of the ages.

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