Math speed dating profile headlines for men dating

If they have questions, their partner is the “expert” on that problem.They can check their answer on the back of the card.I'm not sure how they know about speed dating, but I said I guess you could call it speed dating if you wanted to and they got a big kick about who all was "dating" who during the test review.

My next rotation was the person with the longest first name had to move. The other ideas I had for rotating were student with most siblings, person with earliest birthday, person with shortest last name etc.

The students quickly picked up on the fact that what we were doing was just like speed dating.

When students arrived in my class this morning, the desks were arranged in pairs so that the desks were facing each other.

I had 6 pairs in each row for a total of 15 stations.

For the first rotation, I said the person with the shortest hair should move to the next station.

I then picked another 3-4 problems and gave them a time limit.

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I let my students pick their seats as they came in.

I wrote on the board, “Make a good decision choosing your seat.

When the timer goes off, they switch back to get their original card. For instance, I had them move one chair to the left. This was the first time I had done Speed Math-ing this year and it was AMAZING.

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