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‘They’re a very tight family and protective of her.

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The site noted that police came to the home, but it is not clear what they did.

Bohan filed a response to her restraining order, which was obtained by People.'On Sept.

It has been claimed that Bohan will not move out of the Irvine, California house that she owns, as specified in their prenup.

On Friday The Blast shared an image of a shirtless Corey arguing with her father in the house he now occupies.

The news comes after Bohan, 35, reportedly broke a restraining order which Audrina filed on Monday after he allegedly pushed her while she held Kirra.

He then reportedly refused to leave their home when she arrived to collect belongings, and she claims he installed video cameras in the house to keep tabs on her.The 35-year-old professional BMX dirt bike rider has said that her father was always in the home and wanted to fight with him, according to TMZ.According to People, the reality star is having a hard time coping. And the reality TV darling has been leaning on her family. The Hills vet, 32, has taken out a restraining order on him after a domestic violence incident, according to TMZ.The Hills star is pictured unloading her things at her mom and dad's home in Orange County on Saturday, in the wake of her messy split from husband Corey Bohan.The 32-year-old also brought supplies for her 15-month-old daughter Kirra Max, whom she shares with her now estranged partner.They later got engaged in 2015 and married in November of last year in Hawaii.

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